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Employee Development Through Company Knowledge

Employee Development Through Company Knowledge

Did you know you can improve your employee development through internal company knowledge? If not, check out this fantastic article ‘How to Create a Useful Company Knowledge Base for Employee Development’ by Saravana Kumar for Training Industry.

Saravana Kumar is the founder and chief executive officer of Document360, a software as a service (SaaS) knowledge base. He is a Microsoft BizTalk server MVP since 2007, blogger, international speaker and active community member in the BizTalk area.

His great piece shines a light on four key areas you should focus on when looking to increase your employee development internally:

  • Decide which content and resources to include
  • Ensure the content is easy to consume
  • Let different teams collaborate
  • Keep the base up to date

Saravana said:

"Building an external knowledge base for customers is a great way to enhance their experience by enabling self-service (and to reduce support costs). For this reason, many companies create a knowledge base packed with FAQs, product documentation, how-to guides and feature updates for their users or customers. An up-to-date internal knowledge base improves employee productivity and collaboration and supports their continuous development. It requires an investment of time and effort, but if you put these tips into practice, you’ll quickly realize the returns on your investment in terms of happier, more effective employees and better business results."

Click the link below to full article on the Training Industry website and find out how you can improve your employee development through company knowledge today.

Read full article here.