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Are you looking to meet your CPE requirements for your CPA? If so, probably you’ve already started exploring ways to go about getting the CPEs? While you take attend workshops, webinars and classes work, you need to fit those into your already busy schedule. Why not look at taking online courses at a time and place that works for you? The courses contained within this category have been approved as part of the NASBA National Registry for QAS Self-Study courses. 

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Acting Effectively on a Team Online Training Course

Acting Effectively on a Team

This Acting Effectively on a Team online training course was designed for all employees and supervisors. This course will help you contribute more effectively to your team and help your teammates do the same. It will expand your understanding of the challenges teams face and what you can do to overcome them.
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Americans with Disabilities Act Online Training Course

Americans with Disabilities Act

This Americans with Disabilities Act online training course explains the ADA in simple, understandable terms. It uses examples from news headlines to emphasize the importance of ADA compliance, and it reinforces these messages with realistic quiz scenarios presented at the end of the course. This course will help you recognize situations at work that raise ADA issues and will assist you in dealing with the issues effectively.
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Anti-Boycotting Compliance Online Training Course

Anti-Boycotting Compliance

This Anti-Boycotting Compliance online training course will provide you with the information you need to ensure anti-boycotting compliance at your organization. During the mid-1970's the United States adopted two laws that seek to counteract the participation of U.S. citizens in other nations' economic boycotts or embargoes. These 'anti-boycott' laws are the 1977 amendments to the Export Administration Act (EAA) and the Ribicoff Amendment to the 1976 Tax Reform Act (TRA). 
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Antitrust Basics [US] Online Training Course

Antitrust Basics [US]

This Antitrust Basics [US] online training course was designed for law enforcement professionals at the local, state, and federal levels. and explores antitrust legislation in the US, and its impact on your company’s relationships with competitors and customers; mergers and acquisitions; monopolistic behavior; discriminatory pricing and promotions; exemptions from antitrust laws; and special industries.
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Avoiding Insider Trading Online Training Course

Avoiding Insider Trading

This Avoiding Insider Trading online training course is designed to help you understand the law and avoid the serious criminal penalties, fines, and civil lawsuits that can result if you trade in a company's stock based on confidential information.  This course provides an overview of the law regarding Insider Trading.
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Basics of Budgeting Online Training Course

Basics of Budgeting

This Basics of Budgeting online training course will introduce you to the fundamentals of budgeting. This course addresses how changes in management techniques, the business environment, economies, and technology are reflected in the changes in budgeting, and how the basics of budgeting are important to any business, large or small.
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Business Ethics Online Training Course

Business Ethics

This Business Ethics online training course focuses on the importance of recognizing an ethical dilemma and how to act accordingly. This course helps you understand what business ethics are, the difference between compliance and ethics, the importance of recognizing an ethical dilemma and then acting accordingly, and how to recognize the importance of doing business ethically.
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Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career Online Training Course

Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career

This Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career online training course will introduce you to business etiquette principles and practices. This course will show you how they can be applied in typical business situations to put yourself and others at ease. Business Etiquette improves your chances of advancement and benefits your organization. 
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Business Writing – Being Effective Online Training Course

Business Writing: Being Effective

This Business Writing – Being Effective online training course shows you precisely how to jump from planning a business message to the actual research, writing, and revising of the message. You will learn formal and informal methods of conducting research and generating ideas; how to organize your information; how to write a solid first draft; and how to edit it for accuracy, proper grammar, and syntax.
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Business Writing – Letters and Emails Online Training Course

Business Writing: Letters and Emails

This Business Writing – Letters and Emails online training course is designed for business owners, managers, and employees. This course will help you write coherent business messages – letters, memos, and emails. You will learn how to correspond with different audiences and to plan and structure different kinds of correspondence—letters, memos, and emails.
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Business Writing – Preparation Online Training Course

Business Writing: Preparation

This Business Writing – Preparation online training course is designed for business owners, managers, and employees. This course provides an introduction to the writing process and the techniques for writing effective business messages. Understanding the basics of business writing is crucial to your success. Whether you are an executive vice president or a trainee, you will benefit from this course.
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Business Writing – Reports and Proposals Online Training Course

Business Writing: Reports and Proposals

This Business Writing – Reports and Proposals online training course is designed for business owners, managers, and employees. This course presents techniques for writing two crucial business documents—proposals and reports. It covers various types of business reports and proposals and outlines the basic components of each kind of business report and proposal in use today.
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Cannabis - Workplace Implications Online Training Course

Cannabis - Workplace Implications

This Cannabis - Workplace Implications online training course is designed for employers, employees, and organizations that have comprehensive workplace impairment policies in place are setting clear expectations and providing guidelines for employers, supervisors, and employees in a variety of situations. This course deals with impairment in general and impairment from cannabis in particular.
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Change Management Online Training Course

Change Management

This Change Management online training course describes how to plan the change process, address the phases of transition, and ensure results. Organizations and businesses go through the change process on a fairly frequent basis. To achieve meaningful results, it is important for everyone involved in the process—initiators and executors—to support the change and to work together.
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Cloud Computing: An Introduction Online Training Course

Cloud Computing: An Introduction

This Cloud Computing: An Introduction online training course introduces learners to the exciting world of cloud computing and will learn to define cloud computing. The learner will explore how cloud computing evolved, describe how businesses can benefit from cloud computing, draw attention to the risks of cloud computing, and conclude with the practicalities of its implementation.
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Coaching for Improved Performance Online Training Course

Coaching for Improved Performance

This Coaching for Improved Performance online training course teaches effective coaching techniques and enables you to help employees improve their work performance through a clearer sense of performance objectives and renewed motivation. This course will cover specific and practical suggestions for diagnosing performance problems, understand appropriate actions based on the diagnosis, and be able to implement the coaching process in an effective manner.
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Code of Conduct [US] Online Training Course

Code of Conduct [US]

This Code of Conduct online training course provides a model Code of Conduct that explains the most important parts of the Code. A company that already has a Code in place can customize and use this course to communicate that policy to its employees and for a company that has not yet implemented a Code, this course provides a turn-key solution that can be put in place quickly.
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Communicating as a Team Online Training Course

Communicating as a Team

This Communicating as a Team online training course is designed for all employees working within a team. Organizations today are leaner and flatter, and they increasingly rely on employee teams to handle projects. Therefore, communication within teams is crucial to an organization's success. This course helps you develop more powerful, effective team communication skills, and acquaints you with techniques.
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Communicating at Work Online Training Course

Communicating at Work

This Communicating at Work online training course is designed for supervisors and employees. This course explores the fundamentals of both interpersonal and organizational communications, it also provides a solid grounding in business ethics. This course goes into depth about how your success in the new workplace depends on excellent communication skills.
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Communicating Cross Culturally Online Training Course

Communicating Cross Culturally

This Communicating Cross Culturally online training course is designed for employees in the workplace. The workplace has changed dramatically in the past few decades. These changes have brought people from diverse cultures together and created workplace communication difficulties. This course provides a broad overview of problems and solutions for cross-cultural workplace communication.
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Communicating Negative Messages Online Training Course

Communicating Negative Messages

This Communicating Negative Messages online training course is designed for employees, employers, and business communicators. This course outlines strategies for presenting negative messages both inside and outside an organization and explores tactful, effective strategies for communicating bad or unwelcome news to others. You will learn strategies for presenting negative messages both inside and outside an organization.
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Communicating Non Verbally Online Training Course

Communicating Non Verbally

This Communicating Non Verbally online training course is designed for all employees and explores how the signals projected through body language impacts the message you deliver. This course provides an introduction to the meaning of signals projected through body language. By learning the techniques presented in this course, and developing your communication skills, you can become a more effective communicator.
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Communicating Persuasively Online Training Course

Communicating Persuasively

This Communicating Persuasively online training course is designed for all levels of employees – including sales and marketing staff. This course presents techniques in the art of persuading others. It shows you how to use the 3-x-3 writing plan to organize and compose persuasive internal messages, sales messages, news releases, claims and adjustments, and action requests.
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Communicating Proactively Online Training Course

Communicating Proactively

This Communicating Proactively online training course presents three proactive communication models and provides multiple examples that will help you identify the components of each. The three models include the explanation model, the agreement model, and the closure model.  Through these three models, you will learn how will how to become a stronger, more positive communicator.
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Communicating Reactively Online Training Course

Communicating Reactively

This Communicating Reactively online training course discusses techniques to use when communicating with someone who questions what you are saying, or doubts that the information you are providing is correct. In this course, you will learn to use non-confrontational methods to clarify information and how to participate in constructive, positive communication.
From $19.50